"In 2005, I was a nurse executive at Kings County hospital with a fico score of 819. 
Due to bad real estate investment decisions I made, I was bankrupt and that score evaporated overnight. Alex came through. He helped erase a tax liability of more than 100K. 
I have since rebuilt my credit which currently stands at 803. 
Much thanks to Alex. Will definitely use him again. "

                                                                                                 ~Dumo Opuiyo

"Alex Nkrumah has been my Tax Accountant since 2011. He was also my real estate agent and mortgage loan adviser when I purchased my house in March 2016. After 34 months when I sold my house with his help and received $110,000 net profit in cash I was amazed at the efforts that Alex put into the transaction on my behalf. He went the extra mile for me and my family to reap great success and happiness.  I'll continue to use his services and refer more people to him."


                                                                                                 ~ Delbert Brummell





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